Coach Jay

Coach Jay spent several years trying to get in shape through various forms of exercise. Like many people, he couldn’t find a workout routine that he really enjoyed. That all changed when he came into Battle CrossFit over three years ago. He started coming in to workout a couple of times a week. Then three times. He told himself he could stop whenever he wanted but he knew he was only fooling himself. Now he’s in here five times a week and he gets a nasty case of the shakes if he goes two days without doing some pull ups (and to think, he couldn’t do a single pull up when he started). Jay blames his addiction on our community. “Everyone is just so nice and supportive…I can’t help but to come in and workout with these awesome people.” Jay became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer in 2017 and now he wants to help you get better and meet your goals. Unless you want to learn how to walk on your hands. He’s ridiculously bad at that. In fact, it’s painful to watch him try so please don’t ask him. But he’s ready to help with anything else!

Qualifications & Benchmarks

Level 1, CrossFit.