Coach Rachael

Rachael (Rae) began fine-tuning her coaching skills in the sands of Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom during a National Guard deployment. With literally a hundred soldiers seeking exercise and community during deployment, Rae began instructing her fellow soldiers in the foundation of CrossFit. With a cross-section of backgrounds that comes with the National Guard, Rae had to learn how to instruct and mentor in ways that supported all these various perspectives. Since returning state-side Rae has continued to coach and develop those around her. Rae now takes the enthusiasm that she has shown over many years into her own gym in an effort to support her community. She still spells her name wrong. But cut her some slack. Spelling’s never been her best subject.

Qualifications & Benchmarks

Level 1, Level 2, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Kettlebells, Cardio Sport, CPR/AED Trained, American Council on Exercise: Orthopedic Exercise Specialty.