Coach Rachael

Rachael (Rae) began fine-tuning her coaching skills in the sands of Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom during a National Guard deployment.  With literally a hundred soldiers seeking exercise and community during deployment, Rae began instructing her fellow soldiers in the foundation of CrossFit.  With a cross-section of backgrounds that comes with the National Guard, Rae had to learn how to instruct and mentor in ways that supported all these various perspectives.  Since returning state-side Rae has continued to coach and develop those around her.  Rae now takes the enthusiasm that she has shown over many years into her own gym in an effort to support her community.  She still spells her name wrong.  But cut her some slack. Spelling’s never been her best subject.

Qualifications & Benchmarks

Level 1, Level 2, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Kettlebells, Cardio Sport, CPR/AED Trained, American Council on Exercise: Orthopedic Exercise Specialty.

Coach Justin

Justin began like many thinking he would tip-toe into the waters of CrossFit based on the recommendation of a friend.  However, also like many others, he quickly developed a love of all the tremendous benefits that CrossFit brings and dove head first into the sport of fitness.  This immediate passion for CrossFit propelled Justin into coaching of the sport as it parallels his experience as a long-standing military officer and military instructor.  Since that time, Justin has helped develop hundreds of young men and women in leadership and fitness.  Justin brings his dedication to the development of others to his own gym where he continues to make a positive impact on those around him.  He carries around more body hair than most people can deadlift – but don’t mess with him or Dian Fossey will hurt you. Don’t get it? It’s a “Gorillas in the Mist” reference – don’t worry,  I had to Google it too.

Qualifications & Benchmarks

Level 1,  CrossFit Kids, Level 2, Level 3 (Certified CrossFit Fitness Trainer), CPR/AED Trained.

Coach Matt

Matt started CrossFit when he was in Washington, DC to start to train for a GORUCK event. He fell in love with the idea of a structured class – as a former member of the military, Matt understands that having people working out around you motivates you to push harder. He got his CrossFit Level 1 certificate in 2017 as a way to increase his skills as an athlete to understand the movements better, and to push himself. After getting his certificate, he moved to Battle CrossFit to get a chance to train under great coaches and with great people!
For fun, he loves to do GORUCK events, so you may occasionally seem him doing the workout of the day with a heavy ruck on his back.

Qualifications & Benchmarks

CrossFit Level 1.

Coach Nikki

Born and raised in NH, Nikki has always been an athlete, playing college soccer and softball, and she has coached both sports for many years at several levels. She sports a Master of Sport Administration with a Certificate of Athletic Administration. She’s a self-proclaimed “good bartender” – can anyone confirm this? Her body is her temple: no tattoos and ears pierced only once. She’s been a CrossFitter since March 2013, and has been a CrossFit certified trainer since April of 2014. She’s bossy and definitely likes to tell you what to do. The quickest way to her heart? Pizza and chocolate. Nikki’s words of wisdom: “I believe that the desire to change is more important than the willingness to compromise, and that real change takes real work. I love cats. CrossFit is conditioning for all of Life’s random circumstances. It is absolutely for everyone.” Nikki loves cats!

Qualifications & Benchmarks

Level 1, Master of Sport Administration with a Certificate of Athletic Administration, CrossFit Kids 

Coach Danielle

Coach Danielle is a former Marine – but don’t let that fool you. She’s in love with making an impact in her athlete’s lives. The mother of two very active boys and a nurse in her day job, Danielle balances her many responsibilities without self-sacrificing. She loves teaching people about their bodies and how to take care of them, and will empower you to make positive changes in your life. She’s got her CrossFit Level 1 and is a USAW Weightlifting coach. She routinely coaches our Olympic Weightlifting specialty courses, and can frequently be seen coaching athletes to new personal bests!

Qualifications & Benchmarks

 Level 1, CrossFit.

Coach Jay

Coach Jay spent several years trying to get in shape through various forms of exercise. Like many people, he couldn’t find a workout routine that he really enjoyed. That all changed when he came into Battle CrossFit over three years ago. He started coming in to workout a couple of times a week. Then three times. He told himself he could stop whenever he wanted but he knew he was only fooling himself. Now he’s in here five times a week and he gets a nasty case of the shakes if he goes two days without doing some pull ups (and to think, he couldn’t do a single pull up when he started). Jay blames his addiction on our community. “Everyone is just so nice and supportive…I can’t help but to come in and workout with these awesome people.” Jay became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer in 2017 and now he wants to help you get better and meet your goals. Unless you want to learn how to walk on your hands. He’s ridiculously bad at that. In fact, it’s painful to watch him try so please don’t ask him. But he’s ready to help with anything else!

Qualifications & Benchmarks

 Level 1, CrossFit.

Coach Jenny

Coach Jenny grew up in Northern hills of Vermont. She has always been active and still enjoys lots of outdoor activities throughout the seasons here in New England. She spends a great deal of time hiking, biking, kayaking and snowboarding. Jenny worked in the traditional fitness world for 10 years as a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Then one day she woke up and found CrossFit. So with her prior experience in the fitness industry, she started to teach herself the fundamentals, left the corporate fitness world, and is now truly seeking to change lives through Fitness.

Jenny says: “The CrossFit community has brought me back to real motivation. Now as a Level One CrossFit Coach I want nothing more than to help lead others down the same path to true fitness. CrossFit is a lifestyle, a community, a family… and the best part about it… as long as you show up… you will always receive positive results in all aspects of life.”

Education and Certifications:

CrossFit Level 1 Coach
Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology
MBA in Strategic Leadership
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
CPR/AED Certified

Coach Alexis

Coach Alexis has been a long time Battle; a 4 year CrossFitter who got her Level 1 trainer certification in 2016. She has always had a love for sports and working out, and now she has found her calling: CrossFit. She routinely takes on challenges in her fitness life (1/2 Marathons, Tough Mudders and Spartan races). Anything that challenges her she hits head on, kinda like getting her coaching Certification. She’s a full time Occupational Therapist and a mother of 2 crazy space monkeys (boys) so she knows how to teach people new things that will help improve their life. We’re also pretty sure she just likes telling people what to do!

Education and Certifications:

Level 1 Trainer Certification
Full Time Occupational Therapist Assistant