On-Ramp #1

Introduction: Who we are. Our goals for the On-Ramp Program. What you can expect of On-Ramp. What we expect of you during On-Ramp. Warm-up: Rotations. Learn: Squat. Push-up. Ring Row. Workout of the Day: Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of: 3 Ring Rows 6 Push Ups 9 Squats Rest 2 minutes.

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Rest Day. Saturday from 9am – noon will be Open Gym. Come for a free workout.  

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Workout of the Day: As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes, where each round is: 10 Wall Ball. 50 jump rope. Bear Crawl, length of gym and back. Last night of Free Workouts tonight. Join us from 5-7 pm and see what Battle CrossFit is all about! Saturday will be Open Gym from 9-11

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Wednesday, 5/9/2012

Outstanding evening! Our first Workout is officially in the books – Mother/son team Vicky & Jesse in the recovery position! Great picture, great job by everyone in attendance. The gym is coming along – mostly thanks to Coach Raj putting in some extremely long hours which we are most thankful for. The place is looking

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