13 Battles showed up today for our Easter edition of Feats of Fitness! Consisting mostly of partner workouts, today’s Feats tested our fitness across a huge range of tasks. Starting off, our first hour consisted of a max effort lift of the Overhead Squat, 2 min max distance Truck Pull/Push, and an obstacle course.

The second hour included two CrossFit girl workouts: Chelsea and Grace. Chelsea (normally, 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats every minute on the minute) was with your partner, just complete the total reps. If you can make it to 20 minutes, after that the stakes raise every minute: one more pull-up, 2 more push ups, and 3 more squats every round. Grace turned into Double Grace: each athlete had to do 30 Clean and Jerks, but combined in whatever fashion the team chose.

Finally, our last hour was the Hero workout “Riley” – run 1.5 mile, 150 burpees, and another 1.5 mile run. As always, Battles crushed it! Tons of PRs on the overhead squats!

Our next Feats of Fitness is May 22nd! This one is entirely individual tests of fitness, so sign up in Wodify and bring some friends!