28 Battles showed up for a very special edition of Feats of Fitness on Sunday. Celebrating the 21st anniversary of LJ’s second amputation, we showed up to pay tribute to the adaptive CrossFit community. The first hour was a one rep max power clean, max front squat, and max cals in one minute on the Assault Bike. The catch? We could only use one arm.

In the next workout, we did a version of the hero WOD “Holleyman” – 30 rounds of wall balls, cleans, and presses. This time, however, we were “seated”…doing the best we could to simulate being in a wheelchair, we each had to complete the workout sitting on the floor.

In the final workout, we did the girl workout “Christine” – rowing, deadlifts, and box step ups. The scariest workout of all: we did this one blindfolded. Relying on a fellow Battle to be our “seeing eye human”, we navigated a chaotic gym floor, overcame a ton of anxiety and fear, and every single one of us finished.

I’ve been in this CrossFit business for 13 years, and yesterday I was WAY out of my comfort zone, and did at least 8 things I’ve never done before. Thanks LJ for the inspiration!

Our next Feats of Fitness is on March 27th. Get your name on the waitlist!