Fourteen Battles showed up to throw down today – 7 workouts in 3 hours, each a partner workout, and each with a different partner.

We scored each workout, and each individual took their partner rankings with them throughout the day – with a podium at the end to reward the winners.

On the ladies side, Kathi and Courtney tied for third, Sarah Henry came in 2nd, and Sarah Mitzel took the top spot.

For the ladies, Nick and Daemmieon tied for 2nd, with Nick taking the tie breaker. Matt Fenton came in first!

The podium winners were rewarded with a HIGHLY coveted medal, which will undoubtedly be one of their prized possessions which they show off to their great-grandchildren.

It was a great day! Next Feats of Fitness is November 6th. Go grab your spot!