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I’ve tried various forms of exercise and workout routines in past years to try and get in shape but I would always burn out after a short time and go into a slump. This resulted in many fluctuations in my weight and general level of fitness. Now, at 38 years old, I’ve been a member of Battle CrossFit for one year straight and I can say with confidence that I’m in the best shape of my life and still improving.

There’s a simple explanation for why Battle CrossFit has worked for me where other routines and gyms haven’t: the people. It sounds cliché, but you can’t argue with the results you’ll see when you combine intense CrossFit workouts with the unconditional support and encouragement of the coaches and the rest of the Battle CrossFit community. It becomes addictive.

Once you come in the gym will speak for itself and you’ll be hooked like the rest of us – fighting off daily muscle soreness and taping up your hands so you can get back in for your next workout. Though I do remember feeling a bit intimidated about getting started. I didn’t know any of the members and I wasn’t in the greatest shape. In fact, I couldn’t do a single pull-up. However, it didn’t take long to realize that the members are an extremely welcoming and supportive group of people. Most of us started in the same place (at the bottom) and all of us understand the initial challenges.

For example, during my On-Ramp program I remember struggling to do a pull-up while surrounded by members that were effortlessly doing multiple sets of pull-ups. However, I never felt embarrassed and was never made to feel inferior. Nobody was judging me for my inability; instead, they offered advice and shared experiences about their own struggles.

I also specifically remember my last day in the On-Ramp program when I finally managed to do one strict pull-up. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or my dedicated On-Ramp coach, Nikki. But it wasn’t just the two of us celebrating. There were other members there that had just ended a class. I’m not sure if they had witnessed my earlier struggles with the pull-up or maybe just realized from our reaction that I had just overcome a challenge. Either way, they clapped, came over and gave me the traditional fist bump and offered sincere congratulations. These members didn’t even know my name, yet they were genuinely excited for me and their gestures lifted me up even higher. It was only one pull-up, but I walked out the door that night feeling like I could throw a car across the street and I couldn’t wait to get back in there to see what else I could do.

So, I kept going back and I kept achieving more goals I never thought were possible. It’s been a year and I still look forward to seeing what I can do each class and I’m still fueled by the support of the coaches and other members.

In fact, I recall a recent workout that challenged us to do hand-stand push-ups and deadlifts, in sets of 21-15-9. Halfway through the second round I was short on breath, my muscles were on fire, and my arms were shaking with each hand-stand push-up. There was a voice in my head that told me there was no way I could finish the workout without using a modification to make the movement less challenging. Luckily, the voices of my fellow members were louder and they assured me that I could complete the remaining reps. I dragged myself forward with several people cheering me on and one member standing by my side, counting down my reps and offering words of encouragement. Meanwhile, the coach was right there advising me on my form to make each effort more effective.

I finished the workout, collapsing to the floor, gasping for air, and feeling like a million dollars. This is why I’m addicted to Battle CrossFit. I pushed myself, got an amazing workout, and accomplished something that I couldn’t do months earlier. It was amazing and it happens regularly. But, there’s no way I would’ve finished that workout if I were at home or at some other gym trying to do it by myself. Not a chance.
Sometimes it’s a few words of praise after a workout, other times it’s someone clapping and cheering you on as you struggle through the last few minutes. But the overall result is an uplifting and supportive environment that provides everyone the confidence they need to complete the intense workouts. Once I walk through the doors to workout with this group of people, I’m stronger, faster and at my absolute best. It’s a truly unique and amazing community and I can’t imagine working out with anybody else or having such success anywhere else.

So, if you’re serious about getting fit and you’re willing to put in the work, you shouldn’t hesitate to come give Battle CrossFit a try. There’s an entire community of people here that want to help you get your first pull-up (or whatever your goal is). You will get it, we will cheer, and you will be back for more.

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