“The Elephant”
(30:00 time cap) **max of 3 “tools” to be used.
Lift the weight of an elephant from ground to overhead.  Our baby elephant weighs 7000#/5000#

Option A-Pick one weight and calculate how many reps you must lift.
Option B-More math involved but you can continuously change the “tool”, weight and reps.

You may use a variety of “tools” to get the job done.  Kettlebells, wallballs, dumbbells, barbells, D-balls….
Only rule is that the weight must go from the ground to overhead.  It does not have to go in one continuous motion as in a snatch.  You may perform one movement from ground to shoulder and change to another movement for shoulder to overhead (exp. medball clean + wall ball toss or dumbbell deadlifts + hang cleans + push press).
Rx+ 10,000#/7000#

“Practice like you’ve never won. Play like you’ve never lost.” – Michael Jordan