10 Keys to our World Class CrossFit training facility

1. Adequate Square Footage: Our 3000 square foot facility easily handles classes of up to 15 students, all the while leaving enough space for two or three apprentice coaches to run one-on-one personal training sessions on the other side of the facility.

2. High Ceilings: Our eighteen-foot ceilings give our facility a more spacious look, and they also accommodate a very important CrossFit movement – Rope Climbs.

3. Drop Weights: With wall-to-wall rubber flooring, you can drop weights absolutely anywhere on our floor.

4. Bay Doors: Our bay doors allow for all-important air circulation keeping our venue cool and smelling clean. Bay doors also make running WODs, where athletes have to enter and exit the building multiple times, much safer and more manageable.

5. Natural Light: Nobody wants to train in a facility that feels like a dungeon. We have tons of windows and natural light, which keeps our facility bright.

6. Enough free Parking: We have endless parking on property.

7. Run on the street: We’re located in along Route 4, and have plenty of room to run on the shoulders. Additionally, there are trails in the woods out back which allow for the occasional “trail run” which are always popular amongst our athletes.

8. Lounge: We’re just as much a social house as we are a training facility and school. We have a bar and lounge upstairs where we hang out post-workout. We also host routine social events – New Years, Halloween, and our annual anniversary party being a couple of our social highlights. Our social events are the glue that holds our community together.

9. Functional, clean, classy shower facilities: Nice washrooms are especially important for our morning CrossFitters, who usually have to head straight to work after their morning workout and don’t have time to head home again for a shower.

10. Support of local 5Ks, mud runs, etc: Our athletes routinely get out of their comfort zones by signing up for local runs, adventure races, color runs, Tough Mudders, etc. Our like-minded community of athletes is always looking to try new adventures!