Part 1: 5-4-3-2-1
Bar Muscle Ups
Double Unders

Scale to Pull Ups, dips, and single unders.

Part 2:
Max Effort 1000m Row

“Erasmus’ Twenty-two Principles on How to be Strong While Remaining Virtuous in a Dangerous World
First Rule: Increase Your Faith. Even if the entire world appears mad.
Second Rule: Act Upon Your Faith. Even if you must undergo the loss of everything.
Third Rule: Analyze Your Fears. You will find that things are not as bad as they appear.
Fourth Rule: Make Virtue The Only Goal Of Your Life. Dedicate all your enthusiasm, all your effort, your leisure, as well as your business.
Fifth Rule: Turn Away from Material Things. If you are greatly concerned with money you will be weak of spirit.
Sixth Rule: Train Your Mind To Distinguish Good And Evil. Let your rule of government be determined by the common good.
Seventh Rule: Never Let Any Setback Stop You In Your Quest. We are not perfect—this only means we should try harder.
Eighth Rule: If You Have Frequent Temptations, Do Not Worry. Begin to worry when you do not have temptation, because that is a sure sign that you cannot distinguish good from evil.
Ninth Rule: Always Be Prepared for an Attack. Careful generals set guards even in times of peace.
Tenth Rule: Spit, As It Were, In The Face Of Danger. Keep a stirring quotation with you for encouragement.
Eleventh Rule: There Are Two Dangers: One Is Giving Up, The Other Is Pride. After you have performed some worthy task, give all the credit to someone else.
Twelfth Rule: Turn Your Weakness Into Virtue. If you are inclined to be selfish, make a deliberate effort to be giving.
Thirteenth Rule: Treat Each Battle As Though It Were Your Last. And you will finish, in the end, victorious!
Fourteenth Rule: Don’t Assume That Doing Good Allows You To Keep A Few Vices. The enemy you ignore the most is the one who conquers you.
Fifteenth Rule: Weigh Your Alternatives Carefully. The wrong way will often seem easier than the right way.
Sixteenth Rule: Never Admit Defeat Even If You Have Been Wounded. The good soldier’s painful wounds spur him to gather his strength.
Seventeenth Rule: Always Have A Plan Of Action. So when the time comes for battle, you will know what to do.
Eighteenth Rule: Calm Your Passions By Seeing How Little There Is To Gain. We often worry and scheme about trifling matters of no real importance.
Nineteenth Rule: Speak With Yourself This Way: If I do what I am considering, would I want my family to know about it?
Twentieth Rule: Virtue Has Its Own Reward. Once a person has it, they would not exchange it for anything.
Twenty-first Rule: Life Can Be Sad, Difficult, And Quick: Make It Count For Something! Since we do not know when death will come, act honorably everyday.
Twenty-second Rule: Repent Your Wrongs Those who do not admit their faults have the most to fear.” – Erasmus