Summer Series 18.3 Recap

Week 3 brought us 5 tests of fitness, largely based around your anaerobic power output capacity. Short and fast: your cardio was unlikely to be taxed in this series of short sprints.

We have a large variety of folks at the top of the leaderboard for each event, and even some noobs posted fantastic scores. This is also the first week where we become sexist and age-ist: you get a scoring advantage based on your age and gender. Ladies get a lighter weight on the sled push/pull, and masters & teens get a 10% or 20% advantage. Sometimes that advantage meant nothing, and sometimes it meant a whole lot.

Women, Individual Scores: At the top of the Assault Bike Challenge, Angela D takes first, with Jenny, Leah, Alma, Alexis and rookie sensation Jen H. in the top 5. On the Shuttle Sprint, teen phenom Avery takes the top spot, with usual suspects Jenny, Alexis, and Nicole Cunningham tying for 2nd, and Kellin and Lindsay taking 5th. On the Ski-Erg, Jenny, Angela D. Alexis, Leah , Crystal, Nicole Cotnoir, and Jen H. are at the top. On the Sled Push/Pull, Crystal takes the top spot, with Alexis, Nicole Cotnoir, Nikki, Jenny, Leah, and Nicole Cunningham rounding out the top 5. Looks like having the name “Nicole” is synonymous with work capacity on the sled. There’s huge variance on the Pull-Up statistics for the women, but check this out: 13 ladies got chest to bar pull-ups, and two got chin over bar pull-ups. For a field of “regular athletes”, that is an amazing percentage! I’m proud of our ladies and their athleticism. At the top is Jenny, then Alexis, Leah, Kellin, and Alma in the top 5.

Below are the full women’s statistics. In the “Master Teen Advantage” column there will be a 1.1 multiplier for 50+, and a 1.2 multiplier for Teens and 60+ athletes (this multiplier comes into play at each event except the sled push/pull, where the advantage was given with lighter weight). Underneath the individual events are a handful of columns: your “raw score” (calories, reps, distance, or time), your score with the “advantage” taken into account, your rank relative to your gender, and then the points that you got in that event. Each event is worth 25 points potentially.

Overall, Jenny takes the top spot on the week, with 2 first place finishes. Alexis is in a close 2nd, Leah takes third, and two Nicoles tie for 4th (Nicole Cunningham and Nikki).

Men’s Individual Statistics: On the Assault Bike, Ryan takes the top with a ridiculous 52 calories. Matt Fenton, Jim Stevens, me, Shane, and rookie Ed are near the top. On the Shuttle Sprint, Dave Cummings cashed in his masters advantage to break the tie for first, with Matt D., me, and Raj tying at 2nd place. On the Ski-Erg, Matt D., Ryan, Matt Fenton, and Ed are at the top. On the sled, there’s an amazing amount of ties: Matt Fenton pulled 180 meters, and then a 6 way tie for 2nd place: Ryan, Ed, Josh P., Dave C., and rookie Matt Freniere all tie for 2nd with 160 meters. Finally on the Pull-Ups, Dave C takes the top, with me, Ryan, Jay, and Matt Fenton coming in at the top.

Overall, I end up with the most points in week 3’s tests of fitness, with Matt Fenton in a ridiculously close 2nd, Dave in third, Ryan in 4th, and Matt D in 5th.

Teams, Week 3: With such a huge variety of folks at the top of each event, we had the chance to really shake the leaderboard up this week. The Squatchers (me, Dave, Tamy, Leah) came into this week in 4th place, but claimed the top spot by a decent margin after the 5 events. However, Racks & Sacks (Josh, Ryan, Crystal, Nicole Cunningham) take 2nd, with Ajax (Jay, Shane, Alexis, Kellin) in 3rd. There were a bunch of no-shows this week, (all guys), so their scores of zero points really impacted the leaderboard as well.

Cumulative Scoring: After 3 full weeks of competition, Jenny‘s at the top of the women’s bracket, with Alexis nipping at her heels. Angela D‘s in third, Kellin in 4th, and then Nicole Cunningham, Alma, and Leah are in a pretty tight race for 5th. On the men’s side, Ryan retains his top spot, with me in 2nd, Josh in 3rd, Matt D in 4th, and Matt Fenton in 5th.

Teams, Cumulative: Racks & Sacks (Josh P., Ryan, Crystal, Nicole Cunningham) keep their spot at the top for another week, and Ajax (Jay, Shane, Alexis, Kellin) stay in 2nd. However, the people’s choice Squatchers (Justin, Dave C., Leah , Tamy) advance another spot up to third in what could be considered the comeback story of the century.  Team Awesome (Matt D., Glen, Heather, Nikki) is in 4th, and the Cosmic Things (Kyle, Steve, Brieanne, Jenny) drop to 5th after a no-show hurt their team score. Team stats below:

We’re three weeks worth of tests complete. We’ve gotten ten data points to determine your fitness level, but every single one of them has measured your capacity in only one distinct area. No test has been a test of your cardio capacity yet. Things will undoubtedly change going into week 4. As I said, every week is worth more than the previous week. We’ve accumulated a total of 300 possible points so far, out of 825 that will be possible. So, we’re only about 40% of the way through the points in the competition. Come out tonight at 7 pm and see what 18.4 has in store for you!

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