Battles –

Week 1 of the Summer Series is in the books! We were blessed by the CrossFit gods with a rainy weekend to run with medicine balls – one of the more miserable experiences in my 12 years of CrossFit WODs, I must confess.

Against a 30 minute clock:

Run 800 m

80 Wall Balls

Run 600 m

60 Wall Balls

Run 400 m

40 Wall Balls

Run 200 m

20 Wall Balls.

45+ age group had a 2 pound reduction in ball weight, and 55+ and Teens didn’t have to run with the ball. All Rx+ scores beat all Rx scores – which means that just running the 800 with the heavier wall ball puts you higher on the leaderboard than all the Rx athletes.

Of the men, 21 of the 26 competitors did Rx+; 11 men finished under the 30 minute time cap. Noah had the most dominant performance of anyone on the competition, finishing just over 22 minutes @ Rx+.  Rx+ men who finished under the timecap:

Noah     22.06

Matt Fenton      26.09

Dave      27.17

Ryan W.               27.47

Nick       28

Allen     29.22

Sam       29.35

Andrew                29.48

Todd      29.57

Of the ladies, 22 of the 26 competitors did Rx+; 11 also finished under the 30 minute time cap. George-Ann had the fastest time of the entire field, finishing at 21:30 Rx. Samantha dominated at the Rx+, finishing minutes ahead of the pack. Rx+ ladies who finished under the timecap:

Samantha            23.28     1

Alexis   25.13     2

Kim        26.27     3

Tara       26.29     4

Dylan    26.33     5

Jody       27.02     6

Lydia     28.39     7

Kellin    29.28     8

But, it’s not an individual competition: your team score is the sum of your individual rankings relative to your gender. The lower the numerical score the better; it’s a tight field! Dominant performance by your current leaders, The Guns Club (Sam Andrew Samantha Lydia), with a total of only 23 points. Two of my most memorable performances were Andrew, who gave it HELL to finish under the timecap; and Lydia, who was forced to walk every single step of the run due to her busted ankle, and yet still beat the timecap by putting sets of 40 wall balls up to start the first 3 rounds!

2 Snatches & a Couple of Jerks (Justin Dave Tara Heather) is a solid 2nd place team, with only 27 points in week 1.

Muscle & Hustle (Todd Nick Mackenzie Kellin) comes in third, at 46 points, and the next 4 teams are all within a couple of points:

Team 3 (Matt Ben Nicole Cotnoir Dylan)               48

Average Joes (Ryan Zack Jody Jackie)     48

The Young and Broken (Allen Brad Alexis Michelle)        50

Beef & Cake (Noah Stephen Macey Sara D)         50

Great first week! What’s 21.2? We announce it Thursday night at 7:15 pm – come throw down then, or on Friday during any of our regular classes!