Summer Series 21.2 gave us another couplet in the longer time ranges: twenty minutes of rowing and devil’s press.

Masters and Teens got a slight advantage on Reps, but everyone got to “choose their own adventure” on the dumbbells weights. Making that choice based off of 40% or 20% of your bodyweight, this workout significantly advantaged the lighter athletes.

How’d you do? 6 ladies broke the 7 round mark, and eleven ladies broke 6 rounds:

Jody       7.25

Lydia      7.21

Alexis    7.14

Samantha            7.07

Tara       7.03

George-Ann       7.03

Kellin     6.22

Dylan     6.11

Julie       6.09

Michelle               6.06

Kim        6

Jody takes her first event victory, with Lydia and Alexis coming in 2nd and 3rd.

It’s a tight race overall for the ladies, as Alexis and Sam are tied for 1st after two weeks, and Jody in third. Dylan is on two teams, and so completes each workout twice: both Thursday Dylan and Monday Dylan are in the top ten ladies!

For the men, Noah dominates once again – 8+20 rounds+reps, edging out Papa Cummings by a few. Top Men are:

Noah     8.2

Dave      8.1

Allen      8.02

Matt Fenton      8

Ryan W.               7.29

Sam       7.28

Brad       7.26

Nick       7.2

Justin    6.27

Andrew 6.27

Noah has two first place finishes, so is currently sitting in first, with Dave and Matt in striking distance.

It’s not an individual competition! How are the teams doing?

The Guns Club (Sam Andrew Samantha Lydia) takes first yet again, but after that it shakes up a little bit.

The Young and Broken (Allen Brad Alexis Michelle) takes 2nd place, with 2 Snatches & a Couple of Jerks (Justin Dave Tara Heather) coming in third this week.

In 4th is Team 7 (Glen Jim Stevens George-Ann Kim), and 5th is Average Joes (Ryan Zack Jody Jackie).

Top Ten teams are pictured below.

Come out Thursday night and throw down on SS21.3! Any predictions? Will the little guys continue to dominate, or will the Clydesdales of the gym have their turn?