After the first two weeks of cardio couplets, week three brought us a triplet with an increasing weight barbell. Cardio was STILL the name of the game, as the light rounds added up.

Masters got an advantage by staying on an empty bar for 2 (or 3) rounds, and that advantage would pay off, as our 45+ athletes saw better scores in week 3 than previous weeks.

How’d it go for the women? Because their bar increased in weight slower, this was much more of an endurance workout for the ladies than for the men. Ten ladies broke the 6 rounds mark:

Sam takes another 1st place finish, with her and Jody being the only two to break 7 rounds! Lydia, Alexis, Tara and Kim are close behind. Overall, here’s where the ladies are sitting:

Sam retakes the top spot, with Jody and Alexis tied for 2nd. Marisa pulls out a top ten performance in week 3 to break the top 10 overall for the ladies!

For the men, Ryan Waring takes top spot by a long shot, with the next 10 men coming within ten reps of each other. Dave takes 2nd place, Matt Fenton third.

The men’s weight got heavier quicker; Ryan’s score of 5.21 would have tied for 15th on the women’s leaderboard. Overall, Dave ties Noah for the top of the leaderboard, with Matt and Ryan hot on their heels.

As always, it’s not a team competition: 2 Snatches & a Couple of Jerks (Justin Dave Tara Heather) take the top spot this week, with Team 7 (Glen Jim Stevens George-Ann Kim) in 2nd, and familiar faces The Guns Club (Sam Andrew Samantha Lydia) taking third this week.

Overall, it’s not enough to drop The Guns Club out of the top spot. With only one week until the finals at the Cummings Ranch, does anyone have what it takes to knock our leaders out of the top spot? Come out Thursday night to throw down on the final week of the Summer Series!

PS: this is a repeat workout of SS16.4. Dave went from 3.38 (15th in 2016) to 4.42 (1st in 2021). Glen similarly went from 3.40 (13th in 2016) to 4.34 (7th in 2021.) On the ladies side, Jody and Alexis both improved on their 2016 selves.