Summer Series 21 brought us three weeks of tests of your engine; week 4 would switch things up, and test your abilities in gymnastics movements and a max lift. The gymnastics: 4 minutes to get 6/4 rope climbs, and then as many Toes to Bar as you could. The lift: heaviest weight Shoulder to Overhead, using any movement and either the front or back rack. So many choices!

On 21.4a, Sam again wins the ladies side of the leaderboard with 52 reps – her third #1 finish of the competition. Behind her is Kellin, Jody, Alexis, and Tara. Top 10 ladies below:

On part 21.4b, ladies got to show off their strength! Sam again takes top spot (4 of the 5 events…I see a pattern here) with an AMAZING 205 lb lift. Behind her is Lydia and Sarah H. well ahead of the pack; then a tight cluster of ladies between 150 and 155 lbs.

How’d men fair? 21.4a saw Ryan W. taking the top spot, and event high, with 53 total reps. Just behind him is Dave, Matt, and Sam.

Glen, noteworthy, beats me yet again in the Summer Series, this time WITHOUT a master’s advantage.

21.4b: Ryan W. gets yet another event victory, throwing up a whopping 280 pounds! There’s a huge gap after him, and then a ton of dudes sitting between 235 and 247.

Overall, Lydia uses the final week to jump up the leaderboard, but otherwise it’s our usual ladies coming it at the very top: Sam in first, Jody in 2nd, and Lydia and Alexis tied for 3rd. Top ten ladies overall:

For the men, the final week shakes up the leaderboard, as Noah takes a break to focus on his upcoming fight. His previous dominance in weeks 1-3 assured a leaderboard swap in the final week. Ryan W. takes the top spot, with Matt in 2nd and Allen in 3rd.

However, it’s teams that matter during the Summer Series: on 21.4a, The Guns Club (Sam Andrew Samantha Lydia) eeks a victory out over The Young and Broken (Allen Brad Alexis Michelle), with the Average Joes (Ryan Zack Jody Jackie) taking third.

On 21.4b, Average Joes (Ryan Zack Jody Jackie) put up the most dominant performance of the entire competition, amassing only 19 team points on the event. The Guns Club (Sam Andrew Samantha Lydia) takes second, and 2 Snatches & a Couple of Jerks (Justin Dave Tara Heather) come in third.

Have the Average Joes done enough in the final week to make a move on the leaderboard?

Coming in third place in the Summer Series: The Young and Broken (Allen Brad Alexis Michelle).

Your second place finisher: 2 Snatches & a Couple of Jerks (Justin Dave Tara Heather)

Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the regular season of Summer Series 21: The Guns Club (Sam Andrew Samantha Lydia) .

Congratulations! I hope that you had fun and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone. Just in that last week, we saw a ton of PRs on the Rope Climbs and the Shoulder to Overhead.

On Saturday, we’re heading to The Cummings Ranch for the finals! Each individual and each team will have some fitness challenges from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, and then the top 4 teams will have one last event to claim the championship title!

Have teammates not coming? No worries; we’ll redistribute teams appropriately before kickoff. Not limited to just those in the Summer Series: come out and compete with us even if you haven’t competed in the series.

We’ll fire up the grill and have a little post-Summer Series party afterwards. See you there!