Our Summer Series kicked off with two increasing weight barbell complexes, with a few jump ropes in between. Your first trip (Part A) looked like a round of the Hero Workout “DT“: 12 Deadlift, 9 Hang Cleans, 6 Shoulder to Overhead (followed by 20 double unders or 60 single unders.) Your second trip (Part B) reduced the work significantly: 3 deadlifts, 2 hang cleans, 1 shoulder to overhead. Let’s see where we rank!

Part A was a stamina workout! Heart and lungs racing, it was a test of your ability to keep moving that barbell. For the women, Sarah M and Samantha finished that final bar and got into the double unders, with Sarah M taking first. Lydia, lifting for two, finishes the deadlifts and a handful of the cleans on the 6th bar! Amazing. Angela D and Tara round out the top 5, and it’s a tight race after that! Top women on Part A are:

Onto Part B, Sarah M opted to do the Men’s ladder, and still takes a respectable 13th place. Samantha, Lydia, Kellin, George-Ann, and Hannah are top 5 for Part B. Ten ladies finish all the barbell movements and get into the Double Unders! Fantastic work. Top Part B ladies are below:

Overall, Samantha is sitting in first place, with Lydia in 2nd, Hannah in 3rd, and Kellin & Tara tied for 4th. Top 10 ladies are currently:

On to the men in Part A, Robbie is the only one to even make it to the final bar. Matt is SUPER close…just a few double unders away from that last bar. Ryan Waring takes 3rd. Top Part A for Men are:

Part B for Men saw 17 of us getting TO the final bar, with 10 of us getting double unders. It’s a TIGHT race at the very top, with Robbie, Ryan, and Matt all putting up a ridiculous amount of double unders.

Overall, here’s where men sit: Robbie is sitting in the top spot, with Ryan and Matt tied for 2nd, and Nick Waring in 4th. Top men are:

However, this is not an individual competition! Where do our Teams stack? As both workouts were very similar, we can expect teams to perform pretty equally in both. Team 12 (Cahans and Hawkins) take first in Part A, and tie for first in Part B, so they are our current leaders. Flip Flops & Front Squats are in 2nd, with Team 3 sitting in 3rd (coincidence?)

Total team scores below.

Team 12 is our defending champions from the raucous 2021 season – if you remember the nail biter on the Cummings Ranch last year, they held off the Squatchers to win. The Squatchers are back (Return of the Squatchers), but are sitting in 4th. Is the Cahan/Hawkins team safe? Or can someone knock them off their perch? It’s too early to say.

Week 1 brought us a ton of PRs and loads of fun. Summer Series 22.2 announces on Thursday night at 7:15 pm. What’s your prediction?