The 2nd week of our Summer Series brought us a terrible test of cardio capacity across 4 machines: a minute on the ski erg, 2 minutes on the C2 Bike, 4 minutes on the assault bike, and 8 minutes on the rower. This week was all heart and lungs! With a bonus for masters and teens, let’s see how things shook out this week:

For the ladies, we saw some blazing scores! Tara comes in at the top spot, with Samantha, Lydia, Sarah M, and George-Ann rounding out the top 5.

Overall for the ladies, the leaderboard shakes up just a tiny bit. Sam, Lydia, Tara, Sarah M. are the top 4, with George-Ann and Hannah tying for 5th.

Onto the men, it’s an absolutely bonkers top 2 in Matt Fenton and Nick Wor absolutely crushing the field! Nick Waring takes 3rd, Daemmion in 4th, Robbie in 5th, and young Ethan cruising in 6th! This men’s leaderboard is a significant departure from week 1. How will it effect the men’s overall ranking?

Overall (pardon the bad order of the below chart), Matt Fenton edges into the top spot, with Robbie in a close 2nd, the Nicks in 3rd and 4th, and Ryan in 5th. Newcomer Eric hits the 6th spot!

But as always, this isn’t an individual competition. How’d the teams fare? Flip Flops & Front Squats (Nick Wor Robbie Alexis Marisa) take first spot on 22.2, with The Return of the Squatchers (Monday Justin Dave Heather Tara) in 2nd, and Team 12: (Sam Cahan Adam Lydia Samantha) in 3rd. And the overall leaderboard is below – Flip Flop & Team 12 are tied for the top spot, with Squatchers sitting in 3rd. Fitness Protection Program is in 4th, and SMAC Down! in 5th.

We’re 2 weeks in with 2 weeks to go! Week 3 is announced on Thursday at 7:15 pm. What’s your guess?