Battles – we wrapped up the 4 workouts of the Summer Series this week, with only the finale on Saturday left to compete & have fun. Where do we stand? Can Robbie and Lydia maintain their top spots on the leaderboard? Will Flip Flops & Front Squats Nick Wor Robbie Alexis Marisa maintain their top team spot?

On the ladies leaderboard, Sarah M absolutely crushes this workout, finishing over 12 rounds at the highest level. Three ladies were able to do Muscle Ups (in the chart below: your level is the first number, followed by rounds complete at that level, and then reps of the next round after the decimal.) Sarah is joined by Jody and Kellin in the top three, with Samantha & Alexis rounding out the top 5.

Onto the men’s leaderboard, Robbie again flexes his dominance and takes the top spot, with Nick Waring not far behind. Sam, Matt, and Dave round out the top 5. 11 dudes were able to do Muscle Ups!

It was, unfortunately, a week of sicknesses, with lots of competitors missing this workout due to travel or COVID. Where do the teams stack on 22.4? It is a TIGHT race, with the top 4 teams separated by only 4 points. Flip Flops takes 4th, with the Squatchers in 3rd, Team 12 in 2nd, and Fitness Protection Program again coming in first.

So where do we sit after 4 weeks of competition? Tara‘s consistency pays off! She takes the top spot for the ladies in this year’s regular season, propelled by her fantastic cardio through workouts 2 & 3, where she took the top spot. Tied for 2nd on the podium this year is Sarah M and Samantha, with Alexis and George-Ann rounding out the top 5.

For the men, Robbie‘s dominance is obvious, as he took 4 of 5 first place finishes. Nick Waring and Matt Fenton also take the podium, with Nick Worobey in 4th (Nick was one of us who missed the last workout…though still places top 5!)

On the team side, Team 12: Sam Cahan Adam Lydia Samantha┬ámanages to pull ahead of Flip Flops & Front Squats Nick Wor Robbie Alexis Marisa to take the top spot! The Return of the Squatchers – Monday Justin Dave Heather Tara keep our 3rd place spot, with Fitness Protection Program – Shane Zach George-Ann Kellin and S.M.A.C. Down! Andrew M Matt Fenton Sarah Mitzel Carolyn┬áplacing in the top 5.

But it’s not over! Join us on Saturday at The Cummings Ranch for the finale. We kick off right at 10:00 am, with two hours of fitness fun, and then followed by swimming pool antics and a BBQ. Bring a side and whatever drinks you want, your swimming suit, and have fun! One person per team will have an event in the pool…so be prepared!

If you aren’t in the Summer Series, come out anyways! We have a handful who won’t be there, so we’ll shuffle you onto a team for some fitness and fun. See you there!