Tom H – A Short Story

A Short Story

Thinking of a way to start my story I first had to come up with a title. I am always the shortest person in the room and this shouldn’t take very long what better title than “A Short Story”. Over the years I have realized that there are no short cuts to getting in shape. Trust me I have tried them all: beginning years ago with lifting weights, where I could lift plenty but would pass out running to the mailbox. There is always the treadmill, but I hate that thing. The exercise machines in the house are something we don’t talk about because they never get used.Screenshot_2

Another New Years comes and goes with the faint thought of eating better and doing something to get into shape and of course I’m not getting any younger. Looking forward to what would be next in my attempts to break through the fat I decided to visit the local “box” (that’s CrossFit lingo for the local CrossFit gym.) Mustering up the courage to step outside my comfort zone I contacted Battle CrossFit and committed to learning what the hype was all about. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t look at YouTube before I started or I would have made excuses why it wasn’t for me. The lingo was a bit overwhelming and the enthusiasm everyone seemed to have was also a little intimidating. Beginning my 15 classes of “On Ramp” was eye opening to say the least. Being guided by Raj who pound for pound is unusually strong, we worked to get my journey off with a bang. As I worked on the side lines watching the groups do some unusual exercises I felt a little out of my league; at one point I asked Raj if I had bit off more than I could chew. He reassured me that while everyone starts somewhere it wasn’t about how well you do it was all about how well you improve. During On Ramp I found myself going home after each workout and falling into the hot tub or not having the energy to get out of the car. Over the six weeks things improved and I began to feel like, “I got this.” After finishing my introduction to CrossFit I began joining the regular classes only to find out Raj was being kind to me. While my workouts are not breaking records it’s more about my personal growth and improvement. The encouragement from the class and both Justin and Rae make you feel good about finishing the WOD. Last week I finished one workout with everyone cheering me on, only to discover that was because I was the last one to finish.

The combination of weight lifting, gymnastics and cardio really mixes it up; every work out is different and challenging. I have learned more about the importance of what goes in your body as well as exercise. Starting with the five-week Lurong Challenge I have lost over two percent body fat and over four inches off my waist, chest and hips. Being the cook in the house this has also impacted my family and moved them into a leaner and cleaner life style. While the story is a short one for now I know it’s only the beginning of a healthier and longer journey, yes I said journey. It is still a struggle to pull myself away from the day to day and show up but once I’m there it’s worth it.
The owners and trainers at Battle CrossFit have inspired me to look beyond the quick answers to losing weight and getting in shape. It truly is a life style change that includes your diet and exercise combined with enthusiasm. I definitely feel this time I will make a difference and get myself into the best shape ever.
To Be Continued…Tom Hageman

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