What is Battle CrossFit?

A gym…a strength and conditioning methodology…a community…a tight knit group of warriors who support each other through the battles of life.  A place to find a better you.

Our vision: a community of individuals who each day strive to become better and help those around them become better.

Our Goals:

Make you measurably more fit.

Have fun.

Make all of us better each and every day: better athletes, better parents, better spouses, better people. A better you.

Build a community of like-minded individuals – dedicated to proper exercise and nutrition – accountable to each other – motivated by each other.

Why the name “Battle CrossFit”?

Long story. In basic training, soldiers always have to move around in pairs, for both safety reasons and to enforce a sense of teamwork and accountability of those around you. We refer to our partner as “battle buddy”, which gets shortened to “battle”. The name sticks, and eventually you call all of your close friends “Battle”. Rachael, head trainer at Battle CrossFit, is the inspiration for the name. Routinely referred to as “Battle” by literally hundreds of her athletes, her abilities to motivate and impact those around her in the service are the same qualities that she brings to the gym.  The name is an obvious way for us to reinforce the idea that we are building a team where camaraderie and accountability is important.

Why Battle CrossFit  is for you?

What distinguishes us from many CrossFit affiliates today is that our primary goal is not Group Exercise classes. Yes, we have group classes for our experienced members – members whose baseline fitness and technical skills are sound.

Instead, at Battle CrossFit you will have a personal coach for life. Read more about the benefits of having a personal coach here.

Our coaches have spent years learning about what works and what doesn’t work in terms of getting people fit, and perhaps more importantly, we have learned what works in order to keep people motivated and injury-free so they can stay fit for life.

Here’s what we know today:

We believe what Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, articulated in the CrossFit Journal article ‘What is Fitness’. He suggested that in order to gain fitness – be it fitness for life or as an elite athlete – you need to do constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity.

And nobody said mastering functional movements was easy. So while intensity is important, it’s more important to develop mechanics and consistency first.

Glassman’s concept of fitness, combined with our real life data, tells us that people learn most effectively the higher the coach to student ratio. Ideally, most effective learning happens in a one-on-one, or at the very least a two-on-one environment.

We’ve also learned that higher coach to student ratios improve longevity and long-term movement patterns, as well as reduce injuries, and help to foster a healthy social community.

Training in a one-on-one or two-on-one environment also means that when it comes time for you to graduate to group classes with other experienced members, you know your body, you know how to scale your movements, and you feel safe and comfortable attending class.

In short, our gym’s system will help you get fit and stay fit, for life.